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Dahlias - Pick & Mix Your Style

Dahlias - Pick & Mix Your Style

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Head to the dahlia pick n mix sweetie stand, add which ever tuber you like and I shall create it into a hessian wrapped, ribbon embellished gift wrapped package of happiness bundle through your door. Choose from pom poms, dinner plates, cactus or anemone style. 

How does it work?

Add which ever tuber takes your fancy. Add as many as you like or just a few.

Check out (orders over £45 are free postage) The tubers can be packaged in a hessian sack with ribbon. 

Full planting instructions and growing supplied. What could make your garden pop with colour more, and such excitement to see how your collection works out. Don't forget to tag me @the_oastgarden on Instagram to share your blooms hashtag the oast garden or share your blooms

Why buy from The Oast Garden, I've seen cheaper elsewhere?

These dahlias are checked by hand before sending out. You will get the best tubers, meaning that the likelihood is you can either split them or will get a healthier plant.

They are organically sourced which means no pesticides have been used in the process better for the planet and especially the bees.

You get a boxed collection in a hessian sack which you can then use if you lift the tubers at the end of the season. 

You are supporting a small business, which in turn supports other small businesses and growers.

With full growing support, and 100% refund if unhappy or it doesn't flower you can see the small business difference.

These are priced as competitively as possible, and will come with some healthy bio compost to aid their growth. 




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Why source your bulbs and tubers from The Oast Garden?

Ensuring they are from the highest quality suppliers in the UK and Netherlands, then carefuilly hand picked and carefully collated as a collection you can ensure your blooms will be of the highest quality and standard. Don't just take my word for it, I have many growers researching and growing on my behalf including Chris @penrosegarden on Instagram who is my Brand Ambassador. His exacting standards reassure the quality supplied to you.