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After Garden Care Creams - Nutscene

After Garden Care Creams - Nutscene

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Busy 2023 gardening year ahead with lots of plans in the garden, but don't forget to look after your hands and body. These are packaged in delightful glass bottles and are essential kit to have at hand for the potting shed.

Gardeners Hand Scrub Geranium, Olive Oil Spearmint and Witch Hazel. Vegan. Removes ground in dirt, kind to the hands but tough on the dirt. 120ml.

Tea Tree Healing Natures natural antiseptic. For minor cuts and skin blemishes. Simple and effective beeswax and tea tree. Not for use if allergic to bees.

Muscle Rub As a physio trained now gardener I'm familiar with lots of muscle remedies. This one is lightly not overwhelmingly perfumed, and is a cream based blend of muscle remedy that I find invaluable for aching hands. First aid for muscles with ginger, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. 



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Why source your bulbs and tubers from The Oast Garden?

Ensuring they are from the highest quality suppliers in the UK and Netherlands, then carefuilly hand picked and carefully collated as a collection you can ensure your blooms will be of the highest quality and standard. Don't just take my word for it, I have many growers researching and growing on my behalf including Chris @penrosegarden on Instagram who is my Brand Ambassador. His exacting standards reassure the quality supplied to you.